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  • Black Rifles Matter iPhone Cases - Korengal Industries
  • Black Rifles Matter iPhone Cases - Korengal Industries
  • Black Rifles Matter iPhone Cases - Korengal Industries

Korengal Industries

Black Rifles Matter iPhone Cases

$ 20.00


Due to popular request...Take a position on the 2nd Amendment every time you pull your phone out.

For those of you who think that California, New York, Massachusetts and others don't matter in the long run, that's like being on the Titanic and continuing the ball because only the other side of the ship hit the iceberg. We're all in this together, people. America is one nation, under one constitution, and if we don't protect our freedom to protect ourselves against tyranny, terrorism, and theft—then that's what our future will be. Reliant on the government to provide peace through violence.

Black Rifles Matter. Yes we've seen it out there as 'all rifles matter' but Grandaddy's M1 Garand he purchased through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) isn't exactly illegal if you bring it over the border into Commiefornia. Nor does it even accept magazines, I mean 'clips'.

Look, what we're saying is that the conversation isn't over. When there's knee-jerk legislation against violence that does nothing but curb a peaceful citizen's right to bear arms—and travel with them through his home country—we need to keep having this discussion. When a lawmaker goes on TV and calls a modern sporting rifle found in every Cabela's a 'ghost gun' it's obvious he doesn't know what he's talking about. To us. Your liberal neighbor who smokes pot and still has a Bernie sticker on their car thinks that assault weapons and ghost guns are real things.

You're responsible, as a gun owner. So be responsible, as a gun owner, to start having this conversation. Buy this phone case. Hell, buy two or three and give them out as gifts. Start the conversation as much as you can. Carry and stand proud.

The right thing to do is always the right thing to do.

This phone case is a hybrid of two types of high impact polycarbonate, giving it flexibility and rigidity. It fits the iPhone 5, 5s, 5SE 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus. Holy crap that is a lot of iPhones that have come out in the last several years. No, we don't carry android cases yet. YET.

This case also helps prevent dust and dirt from getting to the good bits, and the beveled plastic helps protect the screen. Of course you can still use the camera and other functions as well.

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