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Korengal Industries

Black Rifles Matter Hoodie

$ 47.00


The original Black Rifles Matter hoodie. Now you can keep calm and rep this assault rifle tee—wait, everyone with at least any sense knows that no civilian can own a true assault rifle! That's right, not just anyone can own a fully automatic weapon unregistered. But silly liberals don't understand that—especially lawmakers! They claim you can go into a gun store with no ID and background check and buy a machine gun, or that somehow a AR-15 style rifle is easily convertible into a machine gun (we know most of you don't spring for heavy, chrome-lined barrels anyway, who are you kidding).

No, we have rules against accessories instead. Pistol grips, detachable box magazines, and now even California wants to ban the very bullet buttons that they enacted in the last rash of knee-jerk legislation.

Oh yeah, we know that other company says that All Rifles Matter, but your granddaddy's .30-06 doesn't raise eyebrows when you sling it over your shoulder to bring to the local Appleseed match, does it? And some people have had the audacity to call us racist for suggesting that black rifles matter! Well they do, goof, and you can protect all sorts of people with civilian defense weapons, whether they be black, white, grey, green, or whatever—innocent lives matter and the defense of them is paramount in our world.

Oh, are you offended? Congratulations. We don't care. Consider the waters officially chummed and be prepared to raise your eyes at the next tees and hoodies we release, sucka! Anyway. Rant over. You should buy this hoodie. It'll cover your concealed carry no problem. And get you compliments all over.

This American Apparel hoodie is made out of California fleece which, regardless of their ignorance on firearm rights, is made out of cotton instead of that synthetic trash. It's pre-washed to minimize shrinkage, and is breathable yet extra thick for warmth.

• 100% California fleece cotton
• Hooded with matching finished polyester drawcord
• Raglan sleeves
• Kangaroo pocket
• Made in the USA, sweatshop free

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