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Secretary Mabus Set to Ignore Gender Studies

Posted on 18 September 2015

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is set to ignore the Marine Corps gender integration experiment data, because he feels, "It started out with a fairly large component of the men thinking ‘This is not a good idea’ and ‘Women will never be able to do this,'."

Well this is the new America, where feelings trump facts, especially if they make you feel uncomfortable. Mabus went so far as to say that the gender differences were an “extrapolation based on injury rates, and I’m not sure that’s right." Let's examine the facts. Here's a link to the Marine Corps Gender Integration Study. Here we go:


1. Male Marine groups outperformed integrated squads on 70% of tests. Note that the integrated squads still maintained male Marines at a ratio of about 1:1. They were not testing males vs. females. 

2. All male Marine squads were faster than gender integrated squads in every movement. This is important. There are three principles to close quarters combat: speed, surprise, and violence of action. Speed is the first one for a reason. 

3. All male Marine squads were more accurate across all weapons systems. Male Marines are more accurate than female Marines. Finally we can also silence the girls back home who declare that they can outshoot you. Where'd you learn to shoot? Edson Range, bitch. 

4. Even the male Marines who didn't have infantry training outshot the female Marines who did. Hit percentages for males vs females on various weapons platforms: M4: 44% vs 28%, M27: 38% vs 25%,M16A4w/M203: 26% vs 15%.

5. All male infantry crew-served weapons engaged targets quicker and with more accuracy than integrated crew-served weapons teams. Because these things are fucking heavy and you're a girl. Someone is gonna die if you can't get a shot out in time, Sabrina. Female Marines were faster on the Ma Deuce, and more accurate, suggesting a prime spot for these gals as up-gunners—and that I've seen before. Shit, I remember watching an Army reservist go cyclic on a 240 against a truckload of Taliban. Girl shot up like eleven dudes, they were piling out the back trying to run from the hellstorm this girl was unleashing. A whole Marine infantry platoon stood up, stopped firing, and watched her blast Terry a new one. This was at the mouth of the Korengal. Girl was legit.

6. All male squads had a noticeable difference in performing BASIC COMBAT TASKS. Like negotiating obstacles and evacuating casualties. Most women couldn't throw their pack to the top of an eight foot wall. Which is actually pretty damn common when you're in the shit and the roads are covered with IEDs. The casualty evacuations both noted about an equal time when the gender integrated teams utilized a male Marine to one-man fireman's carry the casualty. Of course, he was also the best shot in the squad, so....

The numbers don't lie.

But we know this, don't we? This is why there isn't a big push to get gender-integrated NFL teams or NHL teams (did you know that the women's Olympic hockey team last year actually trained by playing against US high school teams? LINK - also the boy's played by women's rules: no checking).

My biggest issue is that most people understand that women in combat is a bad idea, but the administration gives no fucks about it. Most women aren't interested in going to combat, and those that are took part in this study. And I'm sure they are some of the hardest bitches on the planet, I mean they are Marines. Sgt Danielle Beck, 
a female anti-armor gunner with the task force, said about Mabus' comments: "[Mabus] rolled the Marine Corps and the entire staff that was involved in putting this [experiment] in place under the bus."

A Marine officer involved with the experiment stated: “If you were to look at our training plan and how we progressed from October to February, you’re not going to find any evidence of institutional bias or some way we built this for females to fail."

And I believe it. The Marine Corps is probably the most egalitarian and meritocratic organization in the United States, as are the other branches of military. You earn the EGA or you don't. You earn the title or you don't. You're fit for combat or you aren't. 

Personally I've noticed that the people who are most vocal about requiring gender-integrated combat units aren't lining up to enlist. In fact, they're not fit for service. 

I'll tell you what is going to happen if gender integration is mandated by Secretary Mabus. A massive exodus of real talent from grunt and SF units. There are good Marines and soldiers who will stay. Corporals and Sergeants will sacrifice their lives as they struggle with women who cannot complete a casualty evacuation on the battlefield. And if we go back into Iraq? Be prepared to see our 19 year old girls in orange jumpsuits—the average age of an infantry Marine. 

I'm not saying women are lesser, by any means. I value a woman's contribution to society, to my life, my love, and I believe in egalitarianism. But I think it's time to value our men's contribution to society as well: the strength and ability to defend our nation. And the firearm skills. 

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  • Peter D. Pierce USAR/SF: September 18, 2015

    Very well said!

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